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We are a wholesale company. To order our products or get personal advice and product information, prices and delivery times, please contact your local distributor via the map or list below. They will be pleased to help you with any enquiry you may have, or you can place your order direct in their webshop.


We are a Dutch family company run by Ronald Zieltjes and Joke Schoon, both passionate about classic cars and proud owners of JayBee^


Back in the nineties, we tried to find some good protection for our classic car, and couldn´t find it. When in the corner of the shed the pile of rejected covers, cheap and expensive ones, grew higher and higher, we decided that we could do better. This lead us to setting up our own business in the field of car storage, collecting and developing products that we ourselves would use and have faith in to protect our precious possession. Learning from experience and following technological innovations and fabric developments, our product range expanded, changed, improved, to the stable and trusted collection of products that it is today.


We believe in offering products that we can vouch for, and that that is what makes a specialist, rather than offering any car cover at any price. This strategy pays off, as together with our loyal distributors, and thanks to our loyal customers, we have grown to be one of the major players in the European car cover business.




Company information


First Class Additions v.o.f.

Jan Valsterweg 87

3315 LG Dordrecht   (visits on appointment only)

The Netherlands

phone: +41 41 4604884


Chamber of Commerce  registration no. 18054216

V.A.T. no.  on request

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