air circulation storage system
for indoor use

From our own experience as car enthusiasts we learned that air circulation is not only the most effective but also the most practical way to protect vehicles from the devastating consequences of condensation.
No hassle with checking and exchanging dehumidifiers, and the car remains easily accessible. All you need is a socket. The Cair-o-Port® combines maximum effect with maximum ease of installation and use. 

The Cair-o-Port® is First Class Additions´ answer to condensation.

The external lightweight steel frame, modern materials and three electric fans make the Cair-o-Port® the most efficient and practical system available.

The external frame is strong and simple to erect. The actual enclosure with built-in fans is made of lightweight yet strong material and is easily attached to the frame. As it is partly transparent your car can still be admired.

Access to the Cair-o-Port® is quick and easy, either through the front entry door or via one of the zip-doors on each long side of the system. Driving in and out couldn´t be easier: two vertical zips and a Velcro flap are all that is required to release your treasured possession. The Cair-o-Port then remains in place ready for your return. Minor maintenance work can be carried out inside the Cair-o-Port.

  • Three fans ensure a constant, strong air circulation of 6000 litres per hour, thus balancing the temperature of all surfaces on and inside the vehicle with the air temperature, and preventing condensation.

  • Energy consumption is approx. 4W, a 12V transformer is included with the system.

  • Dust is kept out of the system by removable and washable filters placed over each fan.

  • Your car being stored in its own space is safe from scratches from bicycles, garden tools etc. and from people putting stuff on the roof and on the bonnet...

  • Finally, the over pressure inside the system and the  strong frame offer additional protection from falling objects.

The Cair-o-Port® is suitable for indoor use only and comes in four sizes. Please contact your regional distributor for further information,  prices, sizes and availability.

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The Cair-o-Port® combines maximum effect with maximum ease of installation and use.