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for indoor and carport use
Supertex car covers carcovers car cover indoor carport dust tight blue red green


A car covers job is to keep your car clean and in good shape, so it´s ready for use any time you want, and retains its value.

Supertex® does just that.

Supertex car cover carcovers fabric

The "Supertex®" fabric has been specially developed by First Class Additions and is used exclusively for our car covers. Thanks to the unique combination of three different layers it meets all the requirements of a good cover:

  1. the inner layer is a soft,
    non-scratch lining

  2. the middle layer is a
    microperforated material

    ensuring breathability *

  3. the outer layer makes the cover
    dirt and dust proof, 
    and provides
    a tough, water repellent finish.



  • 100% dustproof

  • soft inner lining

  • breathable *

  • water repellent

  • optimum fit; available in +/- 25 different sizes and models,
    from 3.15 to 6 m and specials from Pre War to Porsche 911

  • elastic hems front and rear

  • available in three colours

  • best price/quality rating

* Remember moist from condensation will only evaporate if and when the temperature rises sufficiently. See our tips and explanation here and here.

The three layers are ultrasonically welded, giving the material extra strength.

Ask your local distributor for a free material swatch!

This video shows how Supertex® blocks dust and dirt compared to stretchy material.

car cover carcovers comparison dusttight dust tight stretchy non-woven supertex

Supertex® is popular for indoor use, but thanks to its water repellent properties it can also be used in a carport, provided that it isn´t exposed to direct sunlight and/or strong wind (in that case Moltex® is recommended).

red supertex car cover
green supertex car cover
blue supertex car cover
for outdoor, carport and indoor use


Moltex® covers are designed to protect your car from the elements and from bird and tree droppings. The seams of the cover are ultrasonically welded so no rain can enter through stitch holes.


If your car is parked under a carport but exposed to sunlight and/or strong wind and rain, the Moltex® is your best choice.


If your car is stored indoors but exposed to sunlight, we recommend the Moltex® cover, as it is UV-resistant.

A unique combination of five layers of material makes Moltex® strong yet soft, water tight yet breathable. *

Moltex car cover carcovers fabric outdoor watertight water tight

Layers 1, 2 and 3 build a soft and smooth inner lining and a thick fleece to absorb any light knocks and bumps.

Layer 4 is a unique micro-perforated material, working like a membrane making the material waterproof whilst maintaining breathability.

Layer 5 is a robust and UV-resistant layer in a neutral light grey colour.

Ask your local distributor for a free material swatch!


  • dustproof

  • waterproof

  • breathable *

  • soft inner lining

  • UV resistant

  • strong

  • ultrasonically welded seams

  • excellent fit; available in +/- 25 different models and sizes,
    from 3.15 to 6 m and from Super7 to VW Van

  • elastic hems front and rear

  • specially designed Straps to tighten and secure the cover
    under the car both in width and in length

Moltex outdoor car cover
Moltex outdoor car cover
Moltex outdoor carcover VW van

* Remember moist from condensation will only evaporate if and when the temperature rises sufficiently. See our tips and explanation here and here.

the ideal travel companion

Top covers are mainly used to protect (convertible) tops from rain, bird droppings, tree droppings, UV-rays etc. The Softbond® material is similar to Moltex® but without the fleece lining. Their small size when packed (handy bag of approx. 30x25x8 cm) makes them ideal for travelling, protecting your precious soft top and keeping the interior of your classic convertible dry.


  • dustproof

  • waterproof

  • breathable

  • UV resistant

  • available in different shapes/sizes

  • smooth inside, no fluff will come off on soft top

  • elastic straps and mirror gaps for quick and easy fitting,
    keeping the cover in place even in strong winds

rain protection vintage car
car topcover soft top convertible top covers
carcover topcover softtop convertible cover
for indoor use

These covers are tailored to fit the specific car model exactly; the line and shape of your car remain visible. They are available in a single layer fabric with fleece inside, and in a unique luxury, padded and diamond-stitched fabric.

Both materials are slightly stretchy to help fit the cover over the car, but unlike standard stretchy carcovers the fabric isn't permanently stretched while in position, so a good protection from dust and scratches is maintained.


  • pretty dustproof 

  • soft inside

  • breathable

  • perfect fit

  • available in many colours

luxury custom tailored tailor made car cover
yellow tailored diamond mazda 1_edited_edited.jpg
tailored custom tailor made carcover
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